Our Officers

Position: Officer:
Master/President Stanley Davis
Overseer/Vice-President Matthew Jenne
Lecturer/Program Director Susanna Colquit
Steward James Jenne
Assistant Steward David Barnes
Lady Assistant Steward Debbie Barnes
Chaplain Joeseph Shuck
Treasurer Carol Lang
Building Treasurer Carol Lang
Secretary Barbara M. Lawton
Gate Keeper Gary Sweet?
Pomona Teresa Lawton
Flora Barbara Williams
Ceres Melba Jenne
Executive Committee - 3yr Susanna Colquit
Executive Committee - 2yr James Jenne?
Executive Committee - 1yr Gary Sweet?

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Office     Officer
Master – President     Barbara Lawton
Overseer – Vice President     Matthew Jenne
Lecturer – Program Director     Susanna Colquitt
Steward     James Jenne
Assistant Steward     David Barnes
Lady Assistant Steward     Debbie Barnes
Chaplain     Joseph Shuck
Treasurer     Carol Lang
Building Treasurer     Richard Fairchild
Secretary     Susan Eccleston
Gate Keeper     Neal Mead
Flora     Barbara Williams
Pomona     Teresa Lawton
Ceres     Melba Jenne


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