Rental Rates

Renter Hall & Kitchen / hr
(Up to 5 hours)
Hall & Kitchen
** These rental fees are listed for general information only. Please Contact Us for current rental fees.
Individual $50.00/hr $250.00 per day
Commercial $50.00/hr $250.00 per day
Non Profit (subject to Hall Managers approval) $35.00/hr $200.00 per day
18 & younger (subject to Hall Managers approval)
$35.00/hr $175.00 per day
** All rental fees are subject to change based on event type, attendance and length of event. Contact the Hall Manager for detailed information.
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Security Deposit: $100.00. The date for an event will be confirmed and reserved ONLY when the rental agreement and security deposit has been received by the Grange.
INSURANCE: (Prefered if attendance [expected or actual] is 50 or more persons) A Certificate of Insurance is prefered, listing the Chenango County Grange Hall #29 as “additionally insured” for the date of your event at $500,000. This may be obtained from a homeowners, business or special event policy. Alcohol: NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON CHENANGO COUNTY GRANGE PROPERTY!!