Recycling Policies

The Chenango County Pomona Grange Recycling Program Policies are listed below. ** Subject to change without notice.

Current Policies

  • ** Data Confidentiality **
    • Securing electronic data is your (the Donors) responsibility.
    • The Chenango County Pomona Grange, AND its members (as a whole and as individuals), will not be held liable for any unsecured data.
  • Computer Recycling
    • Most computer and electronic device recycling is handled by a “third-party” recycling company.
    • The “third-party” recycler will handle all equipment in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.
    • The “third-party” recycler will recycle as many components of the devices as possible.
    • In some cases, if a computer appears to be reusable/rebuild-able; it may be saved, wiped clean and rebuilt for reuse. If this should be the case, the hard drive of the computer will be wiped clean.
    • The “Data Confidentiality” policy above is effective no matter how or who recycles any computer equipment.

** If you are considering recycling a computer, monitor or other electronics, we respectfully ask that you also consider making a small cash donation to help keep the recycling program going.

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