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Agriculture & Environment

New York State Grange favors a Fair Market Price for milk based on regional average cost of production, addressing the impact of unregulated imports of concentrated dairy products, and eliminating the use of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) as a price discovery method.

New York State Grange favors a system that allows farm employers to more easily hire migrant labor without jeopardizing the security or domestic workforce of the United States and relieving farmers of responsibility for any fraudulent documentation of workers.

New York State Grange supports the use of good environmental management practices by all entities to ensure the protection of our water and air supplies.


New York State Grange opposes the concept of regional high schools.

New York State Grange opposes unfunded mandates that drive up costs for public schools.

Rural Services

New York State Grange urges the United States Postal Service to proceed with caution in relation to the proposed Post Office closures, taking into consideration the special needs of the community as well as the statistical analysis developed for closure criteria.


New York State Grange supports the federal government using money earmarked for lawsuits against the states they feel are in violation of the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution to properly enforce the existing Federal Immigration and Nationality Act to stop the influx of illegal immigrants.


New York State Grange supports legislation that would allow the purchase of medications from Canada, and we further support continued legislative efforts to control medication prices in the United States with price bargaining between the federal government and pharmaceutical companies.

State Government

New York State Grange calls upon the Governor and State Legislature to repeal costly unfunded mandates on local government, including:  (1) raising the project cost thresholds before WICKS would be applicable;  (2) reform prevailing wage; and (3) including the ability to pay, without taxes, as a priority consideration for binding arbitration panels.

New York State Grange strongly opposes the practice of sweeping dedicated funds for the purpose of balancing the State Budget, and that appropriate legislation is enacted to prevent this practice.