Kitchen Upgrades

To start with, in February 2009 it was discovered that a hot water line had burst and caused extensive damage.
During the rebuilding process, the local code enforcement officer informed us that there were going to be additional requirements to get our hall back into a fully functioning state.

Here is a list of some of the required work & equipment [estimated cost in brackets]…

  • 3 basin sink [~$250]PURCHASED!
  • Fire resistant door for entry to kitchen [?????]
  • Fire resistant & auto-closing serving counter doors [~$2,000 each x2]
  • Stainless steel hood (for the stove) with Ventilation system [~$1,500 + ~1,000 installation]
  • Fire suppression system to be installed in the hood [~$1,500 + ~1,000 installation]

If you would like to help with any of the above projects, you can donate (through PayPal) here or by using the PayPal form in the left menu (look for the fundraising thermometer) or you can Contact Us to offer items or services you may have available.