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Vertical-Logo-AVHRDates to remember:

Time to plan the new year, if not done already.

14 – Happy Valentines Day! Give someone you love a hug.
24 – Holstein Club annual banquet

March:8 – Pomona Grange meeting; coffee & donuts: 9:30am; meeting promptly at 10am
— Host: Oxford Grange – Program: A Trip to Bosnia
— Judging: Art & Photo & Family Activities projects

April: Grange Month
20 – Work Day at the Norwich Hall: 9am-3pm
27 – Lecturer’s Conference in Cortland

5 – Rural Life Sunday
11 – Shopping trip to Waterloo outlets after a pancake breakfast

Stan’s Cranberry Salad:

1 can (15 oz) of whole Cranberry sauce
Mix in 1/2 cup sugar
Add 1 can (20 oz) of crushed Pineapple (juice included)
1 box (3 oz) of Raspberry gelatin, dissolved in 1/2 cup boiling water
Mix everything together and chill


County Committee Leaders:

Building Rentals: David Barnes & Executive Committee
Legislative: Gary Sweet
Audit & Finance: Richard Fairchild
Agricultural: Matthew Jenne
Soil & Water: James Jenne
Kitchen: Barbara M. Lawton
Pie Booth: Janice VanHouten
Youth & Junior: Susanna Colquitt
Membership: Barb & Ed Lawton
Publicity: Susanna Colquitt (Website: Matthew Jenne)
Family Activities: Deborah Barnes

Luncheon hosts for 2013:
March 9: Oxford
June 8: Otselic Valley
September 14: Kelley
December 14: Smithville Center

Remember the County Grange is here to help you!
If you would like to have any degree work, installation of officers, welcoming ceremony, draping of the charter or just have questions on your duties of office, contact a Pomona officer.

Rural Life Sunday
The service will be held May 5th at 3pm. Watch for more details in the next edition!

Included in this newsletter are the details for our Art & Photo contest as well as categories for our Family Activities contests. Please read over & plan to participate.

From our Pomona Master
There were two significant landmarks reached at the last Pomona meeting, held December 8th. The first was that all the Pomona officers were in attendance – something that hasn’t happened in a while. Thankfully, good health and weather helped make that possible. Secondly, there were either written or verbal reports from all of out community (subordinate) Granges. Again, that is something that is something that has not happened in recent meetings. It is important that we hear what is going on in our local Granges. We all need to be aware of what our sister Granges are busy with, so that we can support one another.

I encourage everyone to attend the Next Pomona meeting on Saturday, March 9th. The Lecturer and Family Activities chair will host our county contests at that time, so artwork and talent can participate in the State contest in April. All entries should be submitted by 10am for judging. I am counting on the subordinate membership to support these activities. Let’s continue the “All Grange Participation” begun in December! Look for further information on these contests elsewhere in this mailing. A highlight of the meeting will be a talk by our own Lady Assistant Steward, Deb Barnes. She will share her experiences in Bosnia where she did a mission work trip last summer. Oxford Grangers will be serving up a delicious luncheon for all attendees.

Good for thought in the wake of the recent tragedies in our country, a quote from Lyndon Johnson made about 40 years ago: “We cannot control crime without controlling the random and wanton distribution of guns.” Maybe one of our subordinate Granges would like to initiate a resolution concerning gun control.

My best wishes to each of you for much success as we move forward into 2013.

Details for the Waterloo shopping trip:
We will be attending the Willet Church monthly breakfast and helping them clean up so that some of our Grangers can join us. Plus it is always fun working with others.

Breakfast runs from 7 to 10am so if we plan to be at Willet by 9am then all should have plenty of time to eat and compare lists. If you would like to carpool, call Susanna and let her know so that we do not leave anyone behind. (607) 244-0897

From the Kitchens of Grange Cooks:RECIPE FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR
~~~ Submitted by Marge Davis, Pomona

Clean thoroughly 12 whole months;
Divide into 365 equal parts, set aside;
Prepare one part only at a time as follows:
Mex well into each day:
~1 part Patience
~1 part Work
~1 part Courage
Add to each day: 1 part each of Hope, Faithfulness, Generosity and Kindness
Blend with:
~ 1 part Prayer
~ 1 part Meditation
~ 1 part Good Deed
Season the mixture with:
~ A dash of Good Spirits
~ A sprinkle of Fun
~ A pinch of Play
~ A cup of Good Humor
Pour in a vessel of Love.
Cook over Radiant Joy.
Garnish with a Smile.

Serve with Quietness, Unselfishness, and Cheer.

The Pomona Grange will once again be catering the Chenango County Holstein Club annual banquet, on Sunday, February 24, 2013 with a “snow” date of March 3rd. The kitchen committee, chaired by Barb Lawton, will be in charge of planning and serving this meal. Everyone will be asked to assist in some way. Help will be needed in setup and clean up of the Pomona Hall before and after the meal; preparing and serving the food; and clean-up in the kitchen. Many hands make light work, so be prepared to say “Yes, I can” when contacted by the kitchen committee.

The Graces and the Lecturer hosted the annual Pomona Harvest Dinner on November 4th, 2012. A turkey dinner with all the trimmings was served to 39 Grangers; 2 Junior Grangers and 36 guests. Many thanks to all the Granges and Grangers that helped make this a suffessful event. All Granges participated by furnishing a portion of the meal. Each art of the meal was tasty and arrived in a timely manner. Thank you each and every to one of you that in some way made for a successful event.

Following the dinner, Lecturer Susanna Colquitt introduced part of the Norwich United Church choir. This group entertained us with several lovely musical pieces, including some especially worded for the occasion. Reports, awards and certificates announced at State Grange Session were distributed to participating Granges and Grangers.

As usual, a collection was taken to help defray expenses. After paying the bills, the Graces decided to purchase another 8 foot table with some of the remaining funds. The balance of the collection was turned over to our Treasurer.

To Simplify this posts, the contest rules were not included, please visit the NYS Grange website for those details.

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National Grange Master/President’s November Message

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Dairy Promotion Cheese Sale

Please help the Chenango County Dairy Promotion… They have an order form (attached) where you can order some great NYS cheese & help the program. Order by: November 4th

Cheese Order Form.pdf

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Grange members, hundreds of others call on Congress to ‘harvest Farm Bill now’

From the National Grange…

Grange members, hundreds of others call on Congress to ‘harvest Farm Bill now’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Grange members, along with representatives of about 90 different organizations and about a dozen politicians from both major parties, gathered on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning to call on Congress to pass the 2012 Farm Bill before Sept. 30, the date current legislation will expire.

National Grange Executive Committee Chairwoman Betsy Huber, of Oxford, Pa., who attended the rally, called it an important step toward raising public awareness about the scope of the Farm Bill and the need of all Americans to see the legislation passed.

“It’s about more than just farms and farmers – in fact, very little of the Farm Bill money is dedicated to farms at all. The Farm Bill is about jobs, it’s about nutrition, health, education, research, conservation, energy, trade, and often lastly about farms,” Huber said. “Every American is affected by the Farm Bill.”

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) spoke to the crowd of nearly 500 during the rally, saying the Senate got their job done, passing a Farm Bill, and it was time for Congress to do the same.

“There’s no reason that this Farm Bill can’t get passed by the House… you just have to want to get it done, have some political will to get it done,” Stabenow said.

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) said as farmers around the country know, tasks that must be done cannot be put off, and now is the time for Congress to “harvest a Farm Bill.”

Organizers and legislators both stressed the importance of individuals contacting their Representatives in Congress to urge passage of the 2012 Farm Bill.

National Grange Legislative Director echoed Moran’s call, saying all Americans, but especially Grange members, should immediately contact their U.S. Representatives about the need for the passage of the 2012 Farm Bill.

“A phone call, a letter, an email, a fax – there are many easy ways Americans can communicate their support for the passage of a Farm Bill to their legislators,” Boatright said.

She suggested members and the public visit the Farm Bill Now coalition website at and use the contact form available on the homepage.

Established in 1867, The National Grange, a nonpartisan, nonprofit fraternal organization, is the oldest agricultural and rural community service organization. With more than 2,100 local chapters, the Grange has evolved into the nation’s leading rural advocacy organization and a major benefactor to local communities. There are more than 160,000 members across the United States.

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Today’s Grange: An Opportunity To Serve

Providing leadership for local community service projects is what the Grange does best. Examples of some projects include organizing a softball league, providing hearing testing, building a community center, sponsoring a community fair, staffing an after school child care program, conducting a candidates’ debate and organizing voter registration drives. These are just a few examples of Grange leadership and commitment.

Because the Grange believes in leadership development, it reaches out t all people in an effort to respond to real needs. It builds a better community by providing the services that people need to live better lives. By working together, the Grange is able to provide assistance when the government can’t and individuals alone aren’t strong enough. By working together the Grange builds communities and people.

Make A Difference
The Grange provides each member with a legislative voice on the local level, state level, and national level. Members are part of a grassroots constituency enabling them to effectively express their views and influence legislative policy at the highest levels of government. The Grange is nonpartisan but is vigorously encourages member participation in the political process.

A Place To Have Fun!
The fellowship, recreation and social activities in the Grange are developed with the family in mind. Children and senior citizens alike are very welcome in the Grange. Competitions in Music, art, public speaking, crafts and a whole variety of other activities are an important part of every Granges agenda.

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